Buffalo Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Vehicle

by Steve Mackenzie

The Buffalo Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP), with Interrogation Arm and Mast Mounted Camera.

"The Buffalo vehicle was designed based on the successful South African Casspir mine-protected vehicle. While the Casspir is a four wheeled vehicle, the Buffalo has six wheels. Buffalo is also fitted with a large articulated arm, used for ordnance disposal. Both vehicles incorporate a "V" shaped monohull chassis that directs the force of the blast away from the occupants.

Buffalo is also now equipped with BAE Systems' LROD cage armor for additional protection against RPG-7 anti-tank rounds. Glass armor is sufficient at 6 inches thickness. Run-flat tires are present in all tires. The Buffalo combines ballistic and blast protection with infrared technology to detect the presence of dangerous ordnance and a robotic arm to disable the explosive ordnance. Personnel operate the Buffalos 30-foot robotic arm and claw from within the armoured hull via a mounted camera and sensory equipment, to safely dispose of mines and IEDs" (Above info from Internet - Steve).

Shown Here are reference pictures of the Australian operated Buffalo MPCV mine clearance vehicle that is being operated in Afghanisan at the moment by our troops, on loan from Canada. All photos on this page are publically released via the Defence Media website.

The American documentary television series "Bomb Patrol Afghanistan" (shown here on Sydney Free to Air TV) follows members of a United States Navy EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) unit as they hunt for and dismantle explosives in Afghanistan using these vehicles.

The Husky Mark 3 with Niitek Visor Ground Penetrating Radar.

Also used is at least two of these pieces of equipment used to detect buried mines and explosives via it's Ground Penetrating Radar.

I don't have much info on these vehicles but have turned up the press release that was made in 2011 regarding the acquisition of these vehicles at 'http://defense-studies.blogspot.com.au/2011/09/more-equipment-to-protect-australian.html'. Something different for the Military enthusiasts...

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