RAAF Oddity #44 - Canberra Mk.20 A84-218

by Steve Mackenzie

Canberra A84-218 with odd fuselage roundels. Photo: AHMWA via Mike Mirkovic.

In amongst a large batch of photos posted by Mick to the ADF Serials Photo Gallery (http://www.adf-serials.com) was this one of Canberra A84-218 from 6 Sqn RAAF c.1956. It is in the early Canberra scheme of overall natural metal which is rarely seen in photos (they very quickly added the White fuselage top to reduce heat buildup inside the fuselage, that variation being much more common).

What is odd here is the fuselage roundel. It should either be of the same style as the wing roundels for early airframes or have the fuselage roundel changed to the 'Kangaroo' style from late 1956. This one has the equivalent of the wartime 'C' style which is decidedly non standard.

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