RAAF Oddity #45 - Dakota A65-102

by Steve Mackenzie

Dakota A65-102 from Base Flight RAAF Pearce. Photo AHMWA via Mick Mirkovic.

A Dakota carrying the unit markings of 2 FTS from RAAF Pearce is not something that one would expect to see, however as they were the main unit there at the time c.1970 this Pearce Base Flight airframe is marked with their insignia (Torch and Swan).

The photo was posted to the ADF Serials Photo Gallery by Mick. There is another photo there in colour (from a different source, which we cannot reproduce) which confirms that the colours are as follows:

Overall Airframe - Natural Metal with White fuselage top and fin. Fabric areas (including the rudder are 'Aluminium Doped'.
Serial, Anti-glare panel, de-icing boots and '102' - Black.
'Royal Australian Air Force' - Red.
Standard Red/White/Dark Blue 'Kangaroo' roundels in six positions.
The fuselage flash (below the windows) appears to be Dark Blue (as per the roundels).
2 FTS insignia in the usual colours.

This airframe was replaced by a Caribou with the Base Flight which we will have in a subsequent issue.

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