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This is the last issue of the year for 2014. As usual I have to thank those people who have kindly allowed us to reproduce their articles and photos this issue, in particular the following - Bruce Chapman, Mick Mirkovic, Clarke Cone, Gary Wickham, Daniel Espanon, Dave Edwards, Ley Reynolds & the AHMWA. Don't forget that all photos credited to these individuals are subject to copyright and cannot be reproduced without their written permission. I also am grateful to Ley Reynolds, John Baxter & Lindsay Charman for the review material.

Gary Wickham has been kind enough to pass along copies of some detailed product reviews that he has written. I have put these into the main body of the index because of their very detailed nature. There will be more of these next issue.

Don't forget that all and any contributions to this publication are always welcomed, so send any material to the editorial address (P.O Box and email listed at the end of this page), or hand it to me at club meetings.

Steve Mackenzie - Editor

German 150 mm 'Bison' Self-propelled Gun displayed at Aberdeen - by Clark Cone
Canadian RAM Walkaround - by Ley Reynolds
Canadian RAM & Kangaroo Manuals - by Ley Reynolds
Armed Versions of the Renault UE Chenillette - by Ley Reynolds

Bell UH-1H Iroquois A2-296 Restoration - by Mick Mirkovic
A2-296 Walk Around - by Mick Mirkovic

Avalon Airshow 2011 Part 5 - by Dave Edwards
Luftwaffe Museum visit 2012 Part 1 - by Daniel Espanon
Duxford Museum visit 2010 Part 8 - by Bruce Chapman

Eduard Brassin 1/48 MiG-21 Undercarriage Legs in Bronze review - by Gary Wickham
Eduard Brassin 1/48 MiG-23 Wheels review - by Gary Wickham
Eduard R-27ER AA-10 Alamo C (648094) review - by Gary Wickham
KittyHawk Mirage F.1B review - by Gary Wickham

Photos from the collection of the Aviation Heritage Museum WA - by Mick Mirkovic

Review of 'Finnish Fighter Colours 1939 1945 Vol. 1' from Mushroom Publications - by John Baxter
Review of Wartime Miniatures 1/72 Bushmaster IMV - by Lindsay Charman
Flyhawk 1/72 Renault FT-17 Light Tank (with riveted turret) - by Lindsay Charman
Mach 2 Learjet kit - via Ley Reynolds
Tankograd new releases - via Ley Reynolds
Vosper Motor Torpedo Boats Book - via Ley Reynolds

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