Vietnam Ironclads - A Pictorial History of US Navy River Assault Craft, 1966-1970
by J.M. Carrico

Review by Lindsay Charman

This soft cover book, slightly smaller than A4, and is about 125 pages in length. Oddly not paginated, it appears to be a self-published production and comprises almost entirely of B&W and some colour photos of US Navy riverine warfare vessels used in Vietnam. It also includes some line drawings, and colour diagrams which will be of use to the modeller, plus details of badges, turret types, and other supplementary info suitable for the modeller.

There are some tables or organisational charts, which do not seem to be complete, and are therefore a bit of a mystery to me. Perhaps a formatting error led to the data appearing as white on white and therefore invisible.

Both the B&W and colour photos are lovely and clear, and the majority are clearly intended to illustrate the shape and detail of these odd vessels – perfect for the modeller. A small fraction of the pictures in the book show ‘in action’ shots, as well as ‘life on the riverine fleet’ and seem more an addition for atmospheric use.

There is a useful looking list of online references at the end, and no doubt the serious modeller will have other sources of information but this book is potentially very valuable.

I can certainly recommend this as a good reference for shapes and details of many of the weird brown water navy’ vessels used by the US forces during the sixties and seventies.

Published by Brown Water Enterprises.

The review sample for the book was on loan from Platypus Publications.