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This is the 4th issue of the year for 2017 (our 31st year of publication). As usual I have to thank those people who have kindly allowed us to reproduce their articles and photos this issue, in particular the following - Bruce Chapman, Mick Mirkovic, Clarke Cone, Daniel Espanon, Gary Wickham, Dave Muir, Ley Reynolds, Allen Yee, Roger Lambert, RAAF & the AHMWA. Don't forget that all photos credited to these individuals are subject to copyright and cannot be reproduced without their written permission. I also am grateful to Ley Reynolds & John Baxter for the review material.

With Gary Wickham's 3 articles I have not attempted to modify Gary's HTML code to add an 'Index' button to the bottom of the pages, just use the 'Back' button in your browser to return to the Index page.

Don't forget that all and any contributions to this publication are always welcomed, so send any material to the editorial address (P.O Box and email listed at the end of this page), or hand it to me at club meetings.

Steve Mackenzie - Editor

Russian BTR-60 Part 2 - by Clark Cone
ADF Landrover 4x4 Cleaning Manual - by Steve Mackenzie
ADF Landrover 110 Perenties 6X6 Cleaning Manual - by Steve Mackenzie

Luftwaffe Museum visit 2012 Part 13 - by Daniel Espanon
The Petersen Museum, Los Angeles CA visit 2016 Part 1 - by Dave Muir
Duxford Museum visit 2010 Part 20 - by Bruce Chapman
Wanaka Airshow 2016 Part 2 - via Alan Yee

Avalon Airshow 2017 - by Dave Edwards
Retirement of 'B' model Seahawks - by Steve Mackenzie

Airframe Album No 7 - Arado Ar-196 review - by Gary Wickham
Zoukei-mura Super Wing Series No. 3 - 1/48 Horten Ho-229 build report - by Gary Wickham
Zoukei-mura Super Wing Series No. 3 - 1/48 Horten Ho-229 gallery of photos - by Gary Wickham

Kitty Hawk Models 1/48 (KH80135) Vought XF5U-1 "Flying Pancake" - In Box Review - by Gary Wickham

Images from the Photographic Library of the Aviation Heritage Museum of W.A - by Mick Mirkovic

RAAF Oddity #65 - GAF Canberra A84-221, trg aid for 12 Sqn Chinooks - by Roger Lambert

Airframe Album No 12 - Gloster Gladiator preview pages - Info from Ley Reynolds
Airframe & Miniature No 11 - The Messerschmitt Bf 109 Late Series (F-K including the Z Series) - Info from Ley Reynolds
Dornier Do 215 Luftwaffe and Other Operators 1938-1945. From Reconnaissance Aircraft to Night fighter book review - by John Baxter
French Secret Projects 2 - Cold War Bombers, Patrol and Assault Aircraft book review - by John Baxter
SR-71 Blackbird In Action - Squadron/Signal 10245 book review - by John Baxter
Airframe Album No 7 - Arado Ar-196 review - by Gary Wickham

Drone Strike - UCAVs and Unmanned Aerial Warfare in the 21st Century book review - by John Baxter
EAM Books forthcoming Ju-52 book - Info from Ley Reynolds
2 new accessory kits from Model Miniature in 1/72 - Info from Ley Reynolds

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