This is the 4th issue of the year for 2020 (our 34th year of publication). As usual I have to thank those people who have kindly allowed us to reproduce their articles and photos this issue, in particular the following - Red Roo Models, Ed Russell. Bruce Chapman, Alan Yee, Mick Mirkovic, Clarke Cone, Dave Muir, Peter May, RAAF & the AHMWA. Don't forget that all photos credited to these individuals are subject to copyright and cannot be reproduced without their written permission. I also am grateful to Ley Reynolds for the review material.

Don't forget that all and any contributions to this publication are always welcomed, so send any material to the editorial address (P.O Box and email listed at the end of this page), or hand it to me at club meetings (assuming we get to have another physical meeting at some time...)

Steve Mackenzie - Editor

German 88 mm FLAK Gun - by Clark Cone
Generators Sets Domestic Portable Cleaning Instructions - by Steve Mackenzie
Tank Medium Flexible Assembly Cleaning Instructions - by Steve Mackenzie

76 Squadron's P-40Ms Part 4 - by Steve Mackenzie
SV-R A29-382 'Bozo' Addendum - by Steve Mackenzie

Douglas DC-3/C-47 transports use in RAAF/ADAT service during 1939-46 - Part 2 - 34 Squadron - by Steve Mackenzie
Red Roo Models Vacform Airborne Lifeboat conversion RRR72179 - by the Red Roo team and Steve Mackenzie
Uffa Airborne Lifeboat Mk.I (and Ia) - by Steve Mackenzie

The Revs Institute Naples FL visit 2016 Part 5 - by Dave Muir
Photos from Bruce Chapman's collection Part 1 - by Bruce Chapman via Alan Yee

Images from the Photographic Library of the Aviation Heritage Museum of W.A - by Mick Mirkovic

RAAF Oddity #84 - A21-39 481 Maintenance Squadron - by Steve Mackenzie
RAAF Oddity #85 - CA-27 Sabre Mk.32 A94-974 - by Steve Mackenzie

New releases from MMP, Valiant Wings and Harpia - Info via Ley Reynolds
Airframe Album No.16 - The Messerschmitt Me-410 Hornisse - Info via Ley Reynolds
The Ardennes 1944-1945 – Hitler’s Winter Offensive Revisited. Author: Christer Bergstrom - Info via Ley Reynolds
New releases from Trackpad and Mach 2 - Info via Ley Reynolds
New French language releases from H&C - Info via Ley Reynolds


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