New releases from Battlecraft, Mushroom, Start, PEKO, Avonmore, Fonthill Media, European Airlines and Leaping Horseman Books

info via Ley Reynolds

From Battlecraft

The Battles of El Alemain


Next titles from Mushroom will be Camera On - Henschel-126.jpg


Next title is 'Brandenburg, Escape from the Halbe Pocket'


Next from PEKO will be 'Panzerwaffe On The Battlefield 3'


Next titles from Avonmore are 'Pacific Profiles Volume Six - Bell P-39 & P-400 Airacobra South & Southwest Pacific 1942-1944' , Click here to load the information PDF.
and 'South Pacific Air War Volume 5 - Crisis in Papua September – December 1942' , Click here to load the information PDF. These are excellent books, highly recommended by the Editor.

European Airlines

Model 9B Orion, the Swiss Revolution

Fonthill Media

Guderian's Foxes

Leaping Horseman Books

Military Aviation of the First World War.

Ley can be contacted via email at or contacted at club meetings (when and if we see another one) for further info (Steve - Editor).