This is the 2nd issue of the year for 2021 (our 36th year of publication). As usual I have to thank those people who have kindly allowed us to reproduce their articles and photos this issue, in particular the following - Andrew Wetzlich, Bruce Chapman, Alan Yee, Mick Mirkovic, Clarke Cone, Dave Muir, Gary Wickham, RAAF & the AHMWA. Don't forget that all photos credited to these individuals are subject to copyright and cannot be reproduced without their written permission. I also am grateful to Ley Reynolds for the review material.

For those who may have accessed the last issue previously, please note that the RAAF Ford Tri-motor article has been amended somewhat online to reflect additional info on A45-2 that was received after publication. You are recommended to access issue 35-1 again to get the latest updated article. Due to being busy for the last couple of months plus some computer problems, I did not have time to do the next instalments in the 76 Sqn and DC-3/C-47 article series. They should return next time.

Don't forget that all and any contributions to this publication are always welcomed, so send any material to the editorial address (P.O Box and email listed at the end of this page), or hand it to me at club meetings.

Steve Mackenzie - Editor

Misc images - by Clark Cone
Australian Armour and Artillery Museum part 1 - by Andrew Wetzlich
Tank Medium Flexible Assembly Cleaning Instructions - by Steve Mackenzie
Cranes Mobile Telescopic Cleaning Instructions - by Steve Mackenzie
Bladder/Tank Collapsible Cleaning Instructions - by Steve Mackenzie

4 Squadron FAC PC-9 A21-032 - By Dick Hourigan & Steve Mackenzie
A64 Vultee Vigilant Addendum - by Steve Mackenzie

USF - Detailing, Painting and Weathering United States WWII Fighters DVD Review - by Gary Wickham
MiG-25 RB/RBT Foxbat B (Kitty Hawk (KH80113) 1/48th scale Review - by Gary Wickham

The Revs Institute Naples FL visit 2016 Part 7 - by Dave Muir
Photos from Bruce Chapman's collection Part 3 - by Bruce Chapman via Alan Yee

Images from the Photographic Library of the Aviation Heritage Museum of W.A - by Mick Mirkovic

RAAF Oddity #87 - Macchi MB-326H zapped with U.S 'star and bar' marking - by Steve Mackenzie
RAAF Oddity #88 - GAF Mirage IIIO A3-27 in a trial blue and grey scheme 1979, Butterworth, Malaysia - by Steve Mackenzie

New releases from Mushroom (MMP) - Info via Ley Reynolds
Airframe & Miniature No.17 - The Messerschmitt Me-262 Jet Fighter - Info via Ley Reynolds
Airframe Album No 1-Second Edition. The Heinkel He 219-A Detailed Guide to The Luftwaffe’s Ultimate Nightfighter - Info via Ley Reynolds
New releases from Histoire & Collections, Harpia, Copper State Models and Gecko Models - Info via Ley Reynolds
New releases from Trackpad - Info via Ley Reynolds
Gallantry Books - Sherman Tanks of the Red Army - Info via Ley Reynolds
New release from Helion - Info via Ley Reynolds


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